City Hall’s first priority is keeping all of our neighborhoods safe and clean. We remain understaffed and resources remain tied up instead of being utilized. Public safety is also more than just our fire and police departments, the safety of our community starts with actions from your City Councilmember.

Incentives to recruit and retain staff — closing the gap in our ability to respond to your needs

You deserve a Councilmember familiar with the safety needs of our community to be your voice at City Hall. The unnecessary fight over pension reform may be over, but the impacts are real. Political machinations have hurt our families. I’m running because I will not make dangerous choices that put our safety in question.

We remain understaffed, and worse, we continue to lose emergency personnel to other jurisdictions. I am ready to change the tone at City Hall, work with city departments and staff to develop a plan that retains our valued first responders, and make San José the top city to work for. I will also work to see the South San José Police Substation finally open as a service point for our community.

Residents have stepped up to do the extra lifting as we rebuild departments citywide. We are paying for services that are not matching our needs, and crime rates are increasing. It’s time City Hall fulfilled it’s obligation to you.

Address rising rates of break-ins, vehicle thefts, domestic violence and sexual assaults — work with community partners to secure the resources necessary to prevent these incidents and provide justice for survivors

Losing a package from your doorstep is frustrating enough, but to know that break-ins occur without reproach is equally disheartening. Worst of all, the increasing rates of domestic violence and sexual assault is unacceptable. City Hall needs to take more serious action. Our families should feel safe and everyone deserves justice. Change has to start from the 18th Floor, and I am committed to being an active Councilmember on these matters.

San José’s rising crime recently impacted my life, (Click here to read more), and that incident highlights the necessity for us to take serious action against gang violence. I want this to be the last generation of youth and young men to find the allure, opportunity or forced participation with gangs in San José.

We need resources directed to the proper units — gangs, domestic violence and sexual assault, and make some real community investments. Enough is enough is real for me, and it’s time City Hall embraced and acted upon that ethos.

Preparation for the next major emergency, whether fire, flood or earthquake — our families must be informed and City Hall must be a leader on this

San José’s safety begins with being prepared in case the next climate tragedy or natural disaster occurs here. As a Certified Emergency Response Team member, I know that a wildfire or flood could cause massive damage to our neighborhoods and we need to be ready to protect ourselves. Regional cooperation with CAL Fire, our Sheriff’s Department and many other agencies, along with a conscientious community, is the only way we will successfully keep our homes from being lost.

When an emergency occurs, having first responders that live within our community is incredibly important. Our community will be safer should a disaster occur if our first responders are able to live here. This is another layer to this issue that must be addressed to ensure our safety.

District 10 is home to many of Santa Clara County’s most beautiful views and tracks of open space, which are areas vulnerable to fire and flood damage. I want to work with residents to manage our areas and vegetation so that our homes are safe.

Beyond the siren and the badge, delivering safety and justice to you

I am appreciative that the San José Police Department has taken strong steps to increase transparency, including the use of body cameras. These measures help keep our officers and residents safer. As Councilmember, I will work with our departments to update technology, find the gaps where we could be doing more, including increasing response times and support for our switchboard operators, who are usually our first contact when we need help.

Clean neighborhoods are safe neighborhoods. If our street lights are out, sidewalks are broken, shrubs have overgrown at intersections, or gates and fences are down, then we are failing to do the extra things that keep us safe. When we are able to move about our community day or night knowing that we can do so safely, we are afforded more opportunities to engage and support our community. I am ready to work with you to make sure illegal dumping sites are cleaned up, graffiti removed, and broken lights are fixed, ensuring all aspects of our safety are addressed. These things help keep us safe and beautify San José.

San José should be the “safest city in America,” but titles are not solutions. I aspire for greater things for us. I want to know that at any hour and in any neighborhood, you can live, work, play, learn and thrive safely. It will only be possible if we set big goals, and have the right decision makers in place to make the tough decisions.