Link & Statement regarding vehicle theft

On July 14, 2019 my car was stolen from my driveway, and because of our campaign, local media covered the incident. This is a far too often occurrence for too many in our community, but I hope this incident can help bring greater awareness to stolen vehicles and related gang activity and emphasize that more support and resource are needed to stop this type of crime. I am attaching the full quote that I shared with San Jose Inside. Thank you.

"The first reaction was disbelief, not because I see my neighborhood as immune, but because you don’t want to think it can be true. From the initial police reports, this was a potential gang related theft as my vehicle was allegedly used in a robbery and shooting. If it hadn’t been my vehicle, someone else’s would have been stolen for this crime.

Reflecting on this incident so far I think of prevention. If this is allegedly gang related, it may have been premeditated, and I wonder, what type of resources are needed to for our gang units to get ahead of stolen vehicles, so robberies and shooting are also prevented? Stop the first crime before the others occur.

Additionally, I wonder why gangs are still a choice for our youth and young men. The Gang Prevention Task Force needs more support so that being involved in gangs is no longer a choice or forced upon our youth and young men.

I feel terrible that someone may have been harmed, but I’m motivated to make sure this doesn’t happen again. "

SAN JOSE INSIDE July 17, 2019
On July San Jose Council Candidate’s Stolen Car Allegedly Used in Gang-Related Drive-By