OuR quality of life

San José was the first capitol of California, formerly the “Valley of Heart’s Delight” and now serves as the hub to technology, innovation and creative ideas - the “Capital of Silicon Valley”. Current residents, and the children who will be our future, must have a safe, sustainable space where their voices are heard and welcomed, with our city acting on their behalf, and ensuring every resident is afforded access to the amazing quality of life San José offers. My vision includes:

Embracing our differences — keeping San José a safe and welcoming community

We are an international destination because we are the “Capitol of Silicon Valley”, and more importantly, because we built a welcoming community, with open our arms to those wanting community. San José is a place to find your path, find love, find a career and start a family. Yet this dream seems to be fading for too many. I want a San José where every resident shines, a city with ideas and brings hope to the world. We do this by working in unity at City Hall and in our communities and getting it right.

City Hall sets the tone for what kind of community we aspire to be. Through the years our leadership has celebrated and respected the history and diversity of San José. Throughout the year, various flag raising ceremonies are held to celebrate the cultures and connections that our residents have with the rest of our country and the world. We work to ensure everyone is seen, because when you are visible, you matter, and when you matter, you are afforded the space to have your voice heard.

City services that enhance, maintain and preserve our quality of life — the little things that make big differences

Options mean everything. The ability to walk, bike, drive or take public transit to engage the community is important. Access to enjoy our parks, to attend school, to go shopping or engage in commerce or to have fun at our various sports and entertainment venues is a reflection of a strong quality of life. No matter how you wish to interact with our community you should have access to do so. Neighborhood focused solutions are the best way to make this happen. If our children can play safe, if we have access to healthy food and can enjoy the outdoors, then we are afforded a strong quality of life.

As Councilmember, I am committed to delivering the best quality services to enrich and protect our quality of life now and for generations to come. I will only be successful at this with your help. I will be accessible in the community because you should not have to go to City Hall to be heard, City Hall should come to you. 

As we become more connected online and digitally, residents voices can be stronger and every voice within the community a safe space to speak. The loudest amongst us are being heard, and those with a seat at the table will remain, but I want to see, and will work to have, more of our neighbors heard. Too often the actions that pass through City Hall favor corporate interests or the ability for someone to make more money rather than make a difference. It’s time to divert access to the pipeline of city funds and make investments in the people, ending handouts to those at the top, and investing back into our community.

Working together — my door will always be open to connect with you

We may not always agree on every issue, but to do my best in service to the entire community, we must connect. I will be making decisions on your behalf and value your input. Our quality of life starts with the quality of connection and respect between City Hall and the people.

I am committed to hiring staff that will connect with you in your neighborhood, and I will keep my office door open and available to you every day. You can ask any of my colleagues, I take my work very seriously, and being your Councilmember is serious work. This is a job that I get to do because of you, so it’s a job I will do for you. 

San José is a beautiful community, and although we still have issues that need to be addressed, we have a strong and healthy quality of life here. It takes a lot of work to make it all happen, but together I know we are ready to do great things. I raised my family here, and this is where I became a successful professional and I serve as a community volunteer. I love San José and will put all my energy into working for you.