The Issues Our Community Faces

A Vision Rooted In Community

Real change can happen at City Hall—the kind of change that truly affects the quality of our everyday lives. I want to be your voice to make the strongest positive impact for our neighborhoods.

My career and life experience, along with living in District 10 for nearly twenty years, has prepared me to work for you. I will work with you to provide solutions to the challenges we face. I know that together we can enact upon a vision that preserves our strengths, acknowledges our achievements, and addresses our struggles - for the benefit of all. Please contact me anytime about questions you may have or CLICK HERE to submit your ASK JENNY Question.

neighborhood & community Safety

City Hall’s first priority is keeping all of our neighborhoods safe and clean. We remain understaffed and resources remain tied up instead of being utilized. Public safety is also more than just our fire and police departments, the safety of our community starts with actions from your City Councilmember. My vision includes:

  • Incentives to recruit and retain staff — closing the gap in our ability to respond to your needs

  • Address rising rates of break-ins, vehicle thefts, domestic violence and sexual assaults — work with community partners to secure the resources necessary to prevent these incidents and provide justice for survivors

  • Preparation for the next major emergency, whether fire, flood or earthquake — our families must be informed and City Hall must be a leader on this

Housing STILL in crisis

Silicon Valley is thriving, but families continue to be priced out, displaced, choose to relocate or become a part of the growing “working unhoused.” There are many layers to all of this, but the bottom line is that we just don’t have enough housing. If we do not take real action now, we risk a dangerous upheaval and potential collapse of Silicon Valley. Our families and the next generation should be able to continue to call San José home. My vision includes:

  • Regional responsibility — work with other cities, regional agencies and community partners to create housing solutions for everyone

  • Utilizing innovation, creating options for residents, and protecting mobile home parks — supporting new or alternative housing solutions like Accessory Dwelling Units, ‘Granny units,’ duplex conversions, tiny homes and more

  • Get shovels in the ground but do it right — build smaller and taller along transit and job corridors, stop adding congestion to our highways and stop pushing housing development into our open spaces

  • Support for the “missing middle” — maintaining housing for our working families and viable options for young couples or new homeowners

  • Smart solutions for each District — understanding the best way each area of San José can help address the housing crisis

Homelessness & the working unhoused

This is our most dire issue — for our safety and for our humanity. Technology and the new “gig economy” are providing economic strength to Silicon Valley, but it has also rattled the cost of living, causing it to skyrocket. The increases to the cost of living is felt by many of us, resulting in the displacement of far too many. This is compounded by San José’s jobs to housing imbalance, worsening a situation that is already out of control. The recent bi-annual County survey on homelessness showed 42% increase in San José, and 31% countywide. It is imperative we solve this. We need tangible solutions, and we need them now. This will be my number one goal as your Councilmember. My vision includes:

  • Working together — regional cooperation and utilizing current resources to get people off the streets and out of parks and creeks

  • Recognizing the faces of homelessness — the unhoused at-risk youth, LGBTQ, families, and even our colleagues at work

  • Taking action now — safe parking locations and utilizing the spaces we already have, finding the right spaces for the unhoused and preserving safety for families


City Hall is asking for our tax dollars, you deserve to ask for fiscal responsibility and accountability in how our taxes are spent. The City of San José’s budget is $3.7 Billion, which provides a lot of services to our community. I will deliver strong oversight and ensure proper investment of our resources, because we cannot continue to ask residents to pay more. My vision includes:

  • A budget under scrutiny, always — working with City leadership and staff to make sure we know where every dollar goes

  • Making use of the funds we have — years of bond measures and ballot measures need to produce results for our community

  • Participatory budgeting — bringing residents into the conversation on how we spend our money

  • Seeking new solutions and new funding options — tapping into Silicon Valley’s potential to help lift up our entire community

Transit - Getting around San Jose

Getting around is changing. BART will soon arrive, e-scooters are now everywhere, bicycle commuting is real and ride sharing is booming. These changes are efforts to close the “last mile” gap to public transit, and because congestion has made formerly short commutes unbearable. District 10 is a connection between our urban core and open green spaces. Transit options must work for our residents, and we deserve a maintenance program that keeps our commutes smooth rather than costing us more in vehicle service and repair. My vision includes:

  • Transit solutions that fit a neighborhood’s needs — public transit routes and schedules that work for the residents they serve

  • Transit innovation moving us into the future — embracing changes while keeping our residents safe

  • Upgrading & Updating our infrastructure — ensuring our commutes are efficient, safe and maintained

OuR quality of life - A San Jose that truly shines

San José was the first capitol of California, formerly the “Valley of Heart’s Delight” and now serves as the hub to technology, innovation and creative ideas - the “Capital of Silicon Valley”. Current residents, our children and the next generation must have a safe, sustainable space where their voices are heard and welcomed, with our city acting on their behalf, and ensuring every resident is afforded access to the amazing quality of life San José offers. My vision includes:

  • Embracing our differences — keeping San José a safe and welcoming community

  • City services that enhance, maintain and preserve our quality of life — the little things that make big differences

  • Working together — my door will always be open to connect with you