Fiscal Accountability & Responsibility

City Hall is asking for our tax dollars, you deserve fiscal responsibility and accountability in how our taxes are spent. The City of San José’s budget is $3.7 Billion, which provides a lot of services to our community. I will deliver strong oversight and ensure proper investment of our resources, because we cannot continue to ask residents to pay more. My vision includes:

A budget under scrutiny, always — working with City leadership and staff to make sure we know where every dollar goes

A successful Councilmember is able to get the most out of every tax dollar you provide to the City. Each time maintenance is needed, a new service provided, when old resources need to be updated, when a neighborhood needs help or a hand up, I will be there to make sure we’re getting the best out of every dollar spent while delivering top quality of service. 

Paying attention to detail is how I was successful in my career and in support of my family’s small business. Raising two children in San José, I know the importance of squeezing every extra penny you can out of a dollar. My work ethic and scrutiny helped me rise to an executive position in a local startup that is now an international business. I will bring that same diligent approach to our budget, and every tax dollar that you invest.

The fiscal responsibilities and liabilities that we have are a reflection of the investments we have made into making San José a beautiful city. Working at City Hall and meeting with our City Auditor, I know the places where we can save and where we need to spend. I will work with City leadership and staff, and you, to deliver services via a sustainable budget.

Making use of the funds we have — years of bond measures and ballot measures need to produce results for our community

In recent years City Hall has taken to the ballot box to close financial gaps in the budget. While I have been supportive of some of these measures, residents purses, wallets and savings accounts cannot continue to be the solution to our financial challenges. I will not stand in the way of bringing forth these options to the voters, but I will fight for clarity, sensibility and accountability within.

With 2016’s Measure A funds for housing, 2016’s Measure B for transportation, along with 2018’s Measure T — the money is there to tackle these big issues and we should not rely on going back to residents to ask for more. These dollars are our future and need to be used to build quality infrastructure that will last. I’m ready to make this happen for our families.

Participatory budgeting — bringing residents into the conversation on how we spend our money

Working together raises the value of the investments we make in our community. It is not always easy to see where our tax dollars are working or not working or what city services remain underfunded, but I believe when we include community input, City Hall makes better decisions. Transparency is important and I will prioritize my time to meet and connect so you are informed on how your tax dollars are spent.

Our current Councilmember has been very accessible for residents, especially on financial oversight issues. I want to build on his work and take the participatory budgeting process even farther, utilize our digital spaces to connect with more residents, hold meetings and hearings across the district to ensure your voice is reflected within the decisions made.

Seeking new solutions and new funding options — tapping into Silicon Valley’s potential to help lift up our entire community

With the “tech industry” readying to overhaul our downtown and transit center, along with all the new highrises changing San José’s skyline, the future is hopeful and bright. The days ahead will bring more opportunities and new commerce choices that will lift San José up. We need to continue making smart decisions on our growth and embrace new ways to solve our challenges so we can maintain our vibrant community.

I will work hard to ensure San José discovers the financial and innovative resources to fund and run our city without putting that burden back on our families. We have tough decisions ahead, but I am ready to make them for you.